Music/Dance: Lincoln Center Out of Doors, “Sacred Drums”

During my stay in NYC I spent a lot of time at Lincoln Center – an incredibly photogenic location. My love for music, plays, dance, etc. accumulated in some of my work, and after shooting “ZviDance” I heard about this exciting upcoming performance: “Sacred Drums.”

The focus was to be on the drum’s centrality in sacred and popular music of cultures across the planet, flowing from the heartbeat of nature. This particular evening encompassed groups of Native American, Afro-Caribbean, Indian, Brazilian, Japanese and African traditions. I was approached by the Lincoln Center Press Corp to help document this performance, and was privileged to be able to shoot from the edge of the stage – pretty much with unrestricted access.

In spite of shooting these images, I listened, reverberated, felt and was moved by the incredible volume and artistry of these drummers.

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