Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is one of the top such botanical gardens in the world. As South Africa boasts the highest level of biodiversity on the planet, and the Western Cape area in particular, this fabulous preserve was founded in 1913 to showcase and protect this amazing abundance of plant life.

The earliest portions of what is now the Kirstenbosch Gardens date back to 1660, where wild almond and brambles were planted to afford some protection to the perimeter of the Dutch colony. Sections of this hedge, named Van Riebeek’s Hedge, still exist in Kirstenbosch.

In addition to the diverse plant life displayed here, a large lawn offers a wonderful venue for outdoor summertime concerts on Sunday afternoons. The following images share some of the Gardens, as well as one of the concerts. Nestled up against the Cape mountains, a more bucolic setting for music, dancing and a good time cannot be found anywhere.

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