Water Nymph at Lincoln Center

ClearLight Imagery is my expression of collected images of the world around me. Almost all the images are candid, with no setup, lighting or anything else: truly ‘found art’ in the ordinary movement of humanity through life. I call these moments “superordinary” as the process of freezing time – the single most powerful aspect of still photography – focuses the eye and mind of the viewer on an image that would often otherwise go unnoticed, or pass out of perception a few seconds later.

The work and art of my photography is in the mind, the process of pre-visualization and to some extent the editing. As almost all images are shot using natural light, and often with less than 1 second’s reaction time to the moment, there are many ‘mistakes’ that would not occur in studio or preplanned photography. The sole purpose of my editorial work is to balance out the technical ‘imperfections’ of the image [contrast, focus, color balance, etc.] that would detract from the core content of the image. Except for a few obvious exceptions, there is no “Photoshopping” of my work, no ‘filters’, airbrushing, etc. These are real images – as real as photography is anyway…

The vast majority of the images were shot with cellphone cameras (proving perhaps that “It’s the Indian, not the Arrow…”) in terms of cost/quality of tools vs quality of output… There are of course some SLR/DSLR and view camera shots, many earlier images were of course shot on film, later images are digital captures.

All images on this blog are shot by me and are (c) 2016 by Ed Elliott / Clearlight Imagery. Any of these images or portions of this blog may be shared under ‘fair use’ as long as I am credited and the copyright is maintained. Requests for prints or high-resolution images for private or commercial use may be addressed to ed@clearlightimagery.com

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